Rira Tokiwa


Rira in the Novel

Kanji 常羽 りーら
Romaji Tokiwa Rīra
Race Human (?)
Ability Undead Daughter
Hair Color Lavender
Eye Color Blue
Personal Status
Relatives Haruhiko Ichijo
Novel Volume 2

Rira Tokiwa (常羽 りーら Tokiwa Rīra?) is a character of the 2nd Light Novel volume. She is similar to Ruru from the anime series. She is a part of Haruhiko Ichijo and tends to get naked.


Rira has short, lavender colored hair which usually hand in her face and don't even reach to her chin. She has blue eyes and is usually illustrated in Hosea Academy's school uniform.

Personality Edit

Rira, being a part of Haruhiko, represents his side which wants to survive, find love and breed. Much like Ruru in the Anime, Rira doesn't know she's a part of him and tends to make sexual jokes or ask him for nude portraits of him.


The enemy of Volume 2 wanted to challenge Haruhiko and created a world where he didn't defeat Ruupa and 2/3 of humanity did die. To let him suffer even more, he seperated his soul in two people. In Haruhiko and Rira. However, none of them know about that.

Ability Edit

Rira's ability is called "Undead Daughter" with which she is virtually immortal and can heal other people within a short time frame of their injury.



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